Athena Elixir performed at Limelight 6

About me
Athena Elixir, the Immortal Goddess of Darkness, lives in Los Angeles, CA. She is a trained dancer specializing in ballet, jazz, bellydance, and Bollywood. Also, known as Leslie Augustine she is an actress as well in film and television. She has enjoyed creating and producing amazing videos for online burlesque shows this past year. She has choreographed for cabaret burlesque troupes and enjoys collaborating with other performers. J.M. Nightwalker IV, but more known as Tommy Torres is a writer, director and actor based in Los Angeles, CA. A true nerd of many fandoms but prefers to be labeled by the humble title of 'Walking birth-control'. His up and coming film 'Rules and Exceptions' was recently picked up for production by Tostado Productions, spearheaded by Alex D'Lerma(p.g.a.). These are not the droids you are looking for. and yea thats all I have to say. safety third. I also have a cat.
I will be performing